The topic for this Capstone is for a social cause for Environmental Justice. The focused approach that was taken was looking at how fracking impacts the environment including deforestation and water quality in Pennsylvania. This project utilizes publication design and photography to not just inform but to persuade the readers and nudge them to act on the information. The group that is most likely to be affected by fracking are those that live in outlining and rural area where fracking is most common.



This is a project I did that involved designing and printing an actual magazine. The top image is the front cover of PGHyou and below that is the article I had to write. How we did this is, we had to group up in a team and go on a photo shoot and then come up with a design layout that matched the style/ theme of the magazine. Then one person had to write the article and the other person had to design it.  Checkout the PGHyou website at . Also visit these articles and


This Design is a concept Re-Brand of Carson Street Deli, We had to re-design an existing business to meet todays standards and asthetics from matching logos to all parts of the business model and make sure that the logo matches the business direction and mood that they want to go.

This Design is a concept Brand Standards Guide along with a logo and other deliverables. This Project was done on a team of two were I had to come up with a new company and design a logo, Brand Standards Guide and Stationary kit and create a publication or booklet. This is a fictional company.

This Design is a concept Capabilities Report I did in class where I had to take an existing company and create a publication or booklet. this is not an actual annual report. We had to design a capabilities report for a product or service and I chose to do mine on the dodge challenger. 

This Design is a concept Museum Booklet  I did in class where I had to take an existing company  or organization and create a publication or booklet. We had to design the booklet for a product or service and I chose to do This one on the Belvedere Museum. 

This Trifold was done for Duncan & Miller Glass Museum while I was on an Internship with them.

Duncan & Miller Glass Museum requested a rack card be made with a more modern design to let visiters know what the mmuseum is about and where they can find the museum and what the admission fee is before they visit.

This is The National Duncan Society Show Card. This card is to let members know whats going on, where the event is being held and what type of things they can buy.  The National Duncan Glass Society Owns and Operates the Duncan & Miller Glass Museum and is also a nonprofit organization that preserves and maintains the Duncan & Miller Glass as well as the museum. This Show Card is for next years event.

This Coffee Table Book was Created During my Interactive Type Design Class with all of the Type Designs I have been working on throughout that class and at the end of it we had to create a book showing our final design.

This is a portfolio preview  of my work